Estate Planning Attorney South Jersey – Planning for The Future

Do you have a will? Have you set up a living trust to prevent your survivors from having to go to probate court after your death? Have you created a living will or assigned power of attorney for health care decisions that you would not be able to make for yourself if incapacitated? If the answer to these or many other questions is no, then it is a good idea for you to set up an appointment with an estate planning attorney in South Jersey. Working with a good estate planning attorney means that you will be able to preserve your estate for yourself and for your heirs, preventing it from being diminished by taxes or attorneys’ fees. The law firm of Cohen Fineman, LLC has the experience and knowledge that you need in order to establish an effective plan for your future.

There are many different pieces that need to be involved in creating an estate plan, and the complexity of the plan is often determined by what your holdings are If you own a business, are anticipating that the heirs to your estate will argue with one another, have a special needs child or foresee any other potential conflicts, it is particularly important to make critical decisions ahead of time to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

At Cohen Fineman, LLC, we take a personalized approach to estate planning. We understand that every one of our clients has different concerns and needs, so we take the time to listen to your goals, ask all the right questions, and devise the solutions that will work the best for you. We believe that estate planning is a collaborative process, so we make sure that you are fully involved and understand the reason for every thing that we propose and feel in control of the process.  Our philosophy means that estate planning is an ongoing process – we recognize that as life changes, your estate planning needs may as well, so we are always available to provide you with new solutions to accommodate your changing life.

At Cohen Fineman, LLC we provide comprehensive estate planning services, including:

  • Wills, trusts, estate planning and administration
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax planning
  • Special needs child planning
  • IRA and retirement planning
  • Asset protection
  • Fiduciary services
  • Charitable and foundation planning
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship
  • Reformation of trust
  • Prenuptial and property agreements
  • Elder law needs

When you need an estate planning attorney in South Jersey, the lawyers at Cohen Fineman, LLC are available to help. We offer knowledgeable, skilled legal representation and advice to help you plan for all of your future needs.

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