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last willAt the law firm of Cohen Fineman, LLC, our Burlington County estate planning attorneys handle a wide range of legal matters for clients from Burlington County, Camden County, and Gloucester County, and throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. The scope of our practice includes wealth transfer and preservation, estate administration, elder law, and trust and probate law. We help clients preserve assets while avoiding unnecessary tax consequences and other liabilities. We will work with you personally to tailor a legal strategy that suits your unique estate planning goals.

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The Importance of Sound Estate Planning

Sound estate planning today can spare your loved ones significant time and worry in the future. When you implement a solid estate plan, your loved ones can be spared from the costly disputes that can arise due to ambiguity in estate planning documents. Estate planning also allows you to place decision-making authority over your finances and medical care in the hands of trusted loved ones.

We provide knowledgeable guidance encompassing a broad range of legal issues, including:

Through a series of collaborative meetings, our attorneys will gain an in-depth understanding of your overall financial picture and craft a legal strategy that best suits your needs. The decisions are yours. We are here to offer our seasoned legal advice and handle all of the necessary paperwork and legal details.

Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney provides several advantages:

Customized Planning

Every client has unique needs and goals. Our estate planning attorneys create personalized plans that address specific financial situations, family dynamics, and future aspirations.

Legal Experience and Compliance

Estate planning involves navigating complex legal requirements. Our attorneys ensure that all documents comply with state laws and are designed to withstand potential challenges, providing peace of mind that your plans are secure.

Tax Efficiency

Proper estate planning can minimize tax liabilities for your heirs. Our attorneys have the experience to structure your estate in a way that reduces taxes, preserving more of your wealth for your loved ones.

Avoiding Probate

We can help establish trusts and other mechanisms to keep your estate out of probate court, saving time, reducing costs, and maintaining privacy for your family’s affairs.

Common Estate Planning Tools

Revocable Living Trusts

A revocable living trust allows you to manage your assets during your lifetime and specifies how they should be distributed upon your death. This tool helps avoid probate and provides flexibility and control over your estate.

Irrevocable Trusts

Unlike revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts cannot be modified after they are created. They are used to transfer assets out of your taxable estate, potentially reducing estate taxes and protecting assets from creditors.

Living Wills and Health Care Proxies

These documents ensure that your healthcare preferences are known and respected if you become incapacitated. A living will outlines your wishes for medical treatment, while a healthcare proxy designates someone to make medical decisions on your behalf.

Charitable Trusts

If philanthropy is important to you, charitable trusts can be an effective way to achieve your charitable goals while providing tax benefits. Our attorneys can help structure these trusts to maximize their impact.

Advanced Strategies for Business Owners

Business Succession Planning

For closely held business owners, planning for the future of your business is crucial. We assist with creating succession plans that ensure a smooth transition, whether you plan to pass the business to family members, sell it, or appoint new management.

Buy-Sell Agreements

These agreements are vital for businesses with multiple owners. They outline what happens to an owner’s share of the business if they die, become disabled, or wish to sell their interest, providing stability and continuity.

Our Commitment to You

At Cohen Fineman, LLC, our commitment goes beyond drafting documents. We build lasting relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support and updates to your estate plan as your circumstances change. Our goal is to ensure that your estate plan remains relevant and effective throughout your lifetime.

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