Internet Law 101 From A New Jersey Internet Lawyer

Internet law, or cyberlaw, is a relatively new field of practice that addresses all of the challenges and issues that arise as a result of the use of the Internet.  The laws cover a wide range of practice areas, including online business disputes, cybersquatting, domain name disputes, decency in communications, defamation, and many more. Internet law is in a constant state of change as technology demands.  Where most areas of the law are based upon precedent, Internet law is still being created as conflicts arise. Though the law that is being developed does rely upon existing case history for its framework, the lack of extended history means that in order to provide clients with knowledgeable legal counsel, a New Jersey Internet lawyer must be vigilant about staying up-to-date.  At Cohen, Fineman, LLC, we are New Jersey Internet lawyers who work hard to stay informed on rulings as well as on new technology as it develops in order to be able to provide the best possible legal advice. Call us today for help navigating the rapidly changing technological landscape.

Internet law covers many different legal matters, including:

  • Cybersquatting
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Internet defamation
  • Website agreements
  • Privacy matters
  • Internet fraud
  • False advertising
  • Hacking
  • FTC actions
  • Spam lawsuits
  • Spam law compliance

Much of Internet law involves intellectual property, whether that means trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets. In today’s tech-driven world, it is essential that you work with savvy New Jersey Internet lawyers who can protect what makes your business unique. We are also well versed in matters pertaining to cybersquatting, domain disputes, domain hijacking, and all issues regarding to domain name legal services.

In addition to defending you against others, we can ensure that your websites, mobile apps, and any agreements pertaining to them and business being conducted by the Internet are crafted in a way that reflects the changing way that business gets done. We provide our clients with valuable advice regarding complying with state and federal spam laws and regulations in order to ensure that their marketing campaigns are in compliance and avoid costly, time-consuming litigation, and are also experienced in representing our clients in disputes regarding electronic payments and payment processing of online financial transactions.

One of the most concerning issues facing businesses and individuals today is that of anonymous online conduct. Hacking, security breaches, defamation and piracy are just a few examples of the ways that unknown persons or organizations can wreak havoc on the reputation and profitability of a business that you have invested in for years. Through the use of experts in digital forensics and investigations we have been able to help many clients identify wrongdoers and make them pay for their wrongdoing.

The Internet has improved our lives in countless ways, but it has also introduced a new layer of legal concerns. To ensure that you are protected and have legal counsel that is able to provide you with competent, qualified legal representation, call the New Jersey Internet Lawyers at Cohen, Fineman, LLC.

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