NJ Commercial Collections – Information from A South Jersey Collections Attorney

If you’re a business owner, or work in an administrative capacity for a business, chances are you didn’t go into your chosen field with the idea in mind of pursuing customers who owe money for goods or services you’ve provided. Unfortunately, that is what an awful lot of your time is spent on. Though some debts are collected relatively easily with a reminder call or letter, others require a great deal more debt recovery work, and that’s where we come in. At Cohen, Fineman, LLC, we are a NJ Commercial collections law firm that can help creditors large and small. If you need help or information from a South Jersey collections attorney, call us today.

It is all too easy for a business or individual that owes you money to ignore your calls and inquiries regarding their past due accounts, but when a New Jersey commercial collections law firm contacts them, the message is much more powerful and convincing. Though some businesses take the step of hiring a collection agency to handle their outstanding debts, when you utilize a collection lawyer you are putting the debtor on notice that if they do not pay their account, you are ready to file a lawsuit.  That in and of itself is often enough to initiate payment.

Our commercial collections experience covers a wide range of matters, including:

  • Debts for goods sold and delivered, but for which clients have not paid
  • Extensions of credit, including loans, guarantees and letters of credit issued by banks
  • Attorneys’ fees, accountants’ fees, consulting fees, medical fees
  • Contract-related litigation
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Unpaid rent and condominium common charges on behalf of landlords in actions to recover rent arrears, as well as condominium associations seeking to file a lawsuit against an individual owner for a common charge in arrears

There are many reasons to utilize the services of a debt collection law firm rather than a collection agency to pursue monies owed to you. As experienced New Jersey collections attorneys, we will work hard to preserve the client customer relationship that exists, pursuing the best course of action for your specific situation. More importantly, as a law firm we are able to use our legal knowledge as an enforcement tool. Having the courts behind us as we work to enforce contractual obligations is far different from the techniques employed by debt collectors, who are notorious both for underhanded, intimidating techniques and for offering debtors pennies on the dollar in order to get them to pay.

As your debt collection attorney, Cohen, Fineman, LLC has the legal authority to file lawsuits, seize assets, and recover attorney fees on your behalf for debt collection cases. We will work with you to determine what approach is most appropriate for your situation, and work hard to recover the monies that you are owed. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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