South Jersey Cybersquatting Attorneys: How We Can Help You Receive Justice

Cybersquatting is a crime that did not exist just a few years ago, but today it is an all too common occurrence. The victims of cybersquatting are the owners of trademarks who find themselves in the position of wanting to establish a website that is appropriate to their brand name but who are unable to do so because it has been purchased and registered by somebody who is essentially holding it hostage. A cybersquatter hopes to profit off of the goodwill and reputation of an established trademark by selling it to the business that is most entitled to its ownership, and doing so at an exorbitant fee. If your organization has a well-known name and you find that your domain name has been purchase by a cybersquatter, then you need legal help from experienced South Jersey cybersquatting attorneys. At Cohen Fineman, LLC, we have extensive experience in determining whether a situation falls into the category of cybersquatting, and if it does in helping you take appropriate actions. Call us today and get the benefit of our knowledge in this highly technical area of the law.

The first sign that you may be a victim of cybersquatting comes when a domain name that you want to use is already taken. If the name actually connects to a functioning website rather than to a page that indicates that the domain name is for sale, then you are probably not dealing with a bad actor. However, when you follow a domain name and find it is advertising itself available for sale or shows products or services similar to those provided by your business, it is probably time to seek legal help from an experienced cybersquatting attorney, as these are signs that you are dealing with a cybersquatter. We will take all appropriate actions to determine exactly what is going on, including contacting the domain name registrant to determine whether they are legitimate or not, finding out whether they are willing to sell you the domain if they are, and advising you as to whether it is more advisable to simply pay a cybersquatter’s fee then to engage in a protracted and costly legal battle.

We are also able to help you take actions against a cybersquatter. There are a variety of ways in which we can assist you in this, including taking advantage of some recently passed laws and arbitration systems that have specifically been put into place in order to put an end to this unfair practice. We can help you file a lawsuit under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act or go through arbitration under the ICANN Procedure, which can bring an action against cybersquatters, cancelling their ownership of a domain name and transferring it to the company that files a complaint.

At Cohen Fineman, LLC, we are well equipped to provide you with the legal representation and advice that will provide you with the best outcome in the face of a cybersquatter’s actions. Call us today and we will provide you with a full explanation of the process and how we can help.

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